Friday, May 28, 2004

Failures of British Multicultural Education

There is noone more tiresome than The American Abroad. Well, actually, there is. The American Abroad Who Criticizes Host Country's Customs. Ever since I've been here (now almost two weeks), I have been extraordinarily careful not to utter a word of such criticisms (apart from the tipping issue). I have been especially reticent when it comes to passing judgments on British higher educational practices. Let a man spend a sabbatical in your college, the least you can expect is that he carry himself with a certain grace and gratitude. Who wants a belly-acher on their corridor? One educational matter does, however, merit, not so much criticism, but at least comment. Some people in higher education--whatever they might know of dead socialists and country singers--do not appear to know their Celtic mythology. The shape-shifting abilities of my ancestor Gwydion mab Don, descendant of Math, are not, so it would seem, part of the British educational canon. I think that this is a hole that warrants plugging.

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