Friday, June 25, 2004

England and Portugal: A Spanish View

Having watched the England-Portugal game on Spanish TV followed by reading a full complement of the Spanish papers, I have noticed a striking imbalance in the way that the English press and some blogs have reported the game. The English seem to be laboring under the misapprehension that this was a keenly fought contest between two evenly matched teams. Some reports seem to suggest that were it not for a biased referee and a dodgy penalty spot, the English would be safely ensconced in the semi-finals. El Pais offers a more scientific view: England shots at the goal = 3; Portugal shots at the goal = 23. The headline of El Pais' report "Heroic Portugal; Mean England." The paper goes on to excoriate Erikson's defensive tactics and to say that had Saez (the Spanish manager) followed such a strategy he would never be able to walk the streets again. No one thought that the Sol Campbell disallowed goal was any thing other than a foul.

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