Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Crap Blog--Keep it Up-to-Date

A reader writes:

My main objection was to the fact that you hadn't kept your blog up to date. That is such crap! You go to the effort of starting one and then your butterfly mind gets taken up with something else.

Your comments about English football are more than justified, it's the racial generalisations that really get me. English women are ugly. Berlin is so much more civilised than Spain. That is such a low rent American understanding of what is in reality in both cases quite a complicated scenario. It reminds me of my brother's experience in Texas last year, where a fat Stetsoned redneck told him in the queue at D/FW airport, on hearing his English accent, that Britain was crap and class stultified because he couldn't get any of the waitresses in his pub near Trafalgar Square to serve him at his table.

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