Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Alliance of the Greedy and the Godly

My earlier prediction of a narrow victory for Bush has made me the toast of the departmental tea room. My British colleagues, all democrats, allowed their hopes to lead them astray. British knowledge of American politics and society is, I've noticed, remarkably limited. Brits don't seem to understand that one-third of Americans are evangelical Christians. (Only 13 per cent of Americans, for instance, accept evolution.) The republican party under Bush is an unholy alliance of the greedy and the godly against beleaguered racial and intellectual minorities. If democrats are going to get anywhere in the future, they have two options:

(i) drive a wedge between the greedy and the godly via some form of economic populism. This strategy is, however, undesirable--at least if you care about the global least well-off--because it would require democrats to embrace protectionism.

(ii) go after the evangelicals. Since evangelical christianity is such palpable nonsense, democrats should highlight the absurd contradictions in the evangelical worldview. This strategy calls for democrats to stand outside churches and engage these God fearing dopes in a rational argument. I very much doubt that this brand of Christianity--or any other, for that matter-- could withstand the critical light of reason.

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