Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Blunkett's Resignation

Update (Dec 15) : So Blunkett resigned. About time. Hopefully Blair's next. I still think it's bizarre that some people sympathize with the conduct of his private life. If he conducts our public affairs as badly as he conducts his own private ones, we're really in trouble. I received a number of abusive emails over my previous post, including one from someone called Al--who describes himself as "a low rent biker journalist," whatever that means-- who accused me of embracing "Daily Mail morality."

As far as Blunkett is concerned, please understand that you only show
naivete when you come down on one side in such a battle of
titans. I'm reading stuff from people who have no
reason to love Blunkett who were
disturbed when Mrs. Quinn
apparently said to them, "I wonder what it's like
to sleep with a
blind man." Other expert Blunkett spinners point out her
and frivolity, starting the affair within a few months of marrying Mr.
Quinn. And they also say that apart from his wife, she has been his

only other sexual partner to date. Surely you're old and wise enough
to realise that in these situations
everybody and nobody is to blame.

Sorry Al. But it makes no sense to say "everybody and nobody is to blame" in this case, for the following two reasons:

(i) Blunkett was the one who pressed the paternity issue. Absent this misplaced desire to claim rights to his alleged "love-child," nothing of this affair would have come to light.

(ii) Blunkett is a public servant, who abused the power of his office.

He ought to have resigned three weeks ago.

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