Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Morals of David Blunkett

I've been following with stupefaction the events surrounding David Blunkett, Britain's Home Secretary. "Leg-Over" Dave, as he''ll doubtlessly now be called by the British tabloids, has been mired in difficulties, all of his own doings, due to an affair with Kimberley Fortier Quinn, a married woman, who is--if Dave is right--the mother of one and maybe two of Dave's children. Needless to say, Mrs. Quinn's husband is none too happy about said events. Things have recently taken a turn for the worse, because (i) Dave's alleged to have given his married lover a rail pass for which she was unqualified; (ii) he is alleged to have fast-tracked a work permit for Mrs. Quinn's nanny: and (iii) Mrs. Quinn has been rushed to hospital suffering from stress-related pregnancy dfficulties.
Yet amidst all this, Dave had the following to say:

"I would like to thank so many people who have been in touch with me offering support and giving me their trust.

"I have done nothing wrong.

I'm the last person to raise a hue and cry over anyone's sexual morals, but even I find this a bit rich. So here's some suggestions for Dave concerning things he may have done wrong:

(i) Fucked another man's wife;
(ii) Impregnated her once and maybe twice--hasn't he heard of condoms?
(iii) Refused to accept her decision to dump him;
(iv) Insisted that she undergo a paternity test;
(v) Humiliated her, her husband, and their children;
(vi) Abused the power of his office;
(vii) Blabbed unnecessarily to the press; and
(viii) Generally made a complete and total prat of himself.

Ye Gods, I've just discovered I'm turning into MelaniePhillips.
(There's more on the press coverage from Backword Dave)

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